Terms And Conditions


Prices are subject to change without notice. New products and prices are updated periodically.


1. All product will be shipped C.O.D. (Cash or Check), unless credit has been pre-approved.
2. A late charge of 2% per month will be billed to all accounts past due.
3. A $25.00 service charge will be billed each time a check is returned.


1. Please check that the parts you have received are correct, fit properly, and are in good condition before you work with them.
2. No credit will be issued on any returned parts that are painted or damaged, unless pre-approved by management.
3. All returns must be authorized in advance and must be returned in the original packaging with our original invoice.
4. Returns must be made no later than 30 days after purchase to receive full credit, unless pre-approved by management.
5. Returns made later than 30 days after purchase could incur a 15% restocking charge.
6. No returns will be accepted later than 60 days after purchase, unless pre-approved by management

E-mail: phil@impactcollisionparts.com